Stress maybe normal for us. All of us have problems whichever status you are in the society. They also said that stress is a killer. That’s totally true. Walang pinipili si stress and all of us has our own stress story: family, work, relationship, friendship, financials and I would add this which is related to all of us Filipinos — Travel stress — traveling around Manila due to heavy traffic, plus MRT trains are dreadful are becoming stressful for all us. Pagod ka na sa work, na stuck ka pa sa traffic, pag uwi mo sa bahay, bungangain ka pa ng magulang o asawa mo, “Bakit ngayon ka lang? Anong oras na?” or calling you on the phone while you are on the road and scolding you for coming home late and you are worn out.

I had been there when I was working in the corporate world. Ganito ang buhay ko nuon (before my diagnosed) for 11 months. I have financial problem here at home and my father and I were cats and dogs. Traveling going to work feeling good and fresh but then our climate is humid and I sweat a lot. Pollution, the traffic, isa pa! yung agawan para makasakay ng bus or jeep dahil walang masakyan, and then when I came to my  office, I was already looking rekt. At the office, office drama and politics are always present. My project manager was a biatch. My subordinate had a hidden jealousy, hatred and being plastic around me. Meetings here and there. Meeting up your DEADLINES! You couldn’t leave the office because the QA people were not yet done checking my work until it was already late at night and I was not entitled for overtime pay because I was on fixed salary. I came home like 10-11 P.M. or sometimes 12 m.n. to 1 A.M. and then you need to wake up early for the next day. Minsan pa nga, pinabalik ako ng project manager ko sa opisina ng 11 P.M. Minsan hindi ka pa pauuwiin kahit 36 hours ka na sa opisina at ang kulang na lang dalhin ko ang buong kwarto ko sa office at duon na lang ako matutulog at maliligo :/

I admit I am a workaholic to the extend that my friendship is also affected.  Sometimes, I don’t have social life at all. #ITLIFE. This is so wrong. I don’t know what is work/life balance. I love my work, I loved my position. Nararamdaman ko na yung pagod, sige pa rin ako. Pero umabot sa point na lagi na lang mainit ang ulo ko. Sino ba ang hindi maiinis, di ba? Sino ba ang di napapagod? Naiinis ako pag naisstress-out. Parang gusto ko bang maghagis ng pingan to let go what’s boiling up inside me. I don’t know what was wrong with me.

When I got diagnosed, I have learned that stress is really bad for people with Bipolar Disorder (since it is a mood disorder) and I also have diabetes. Imagine the risk? I could die young too. I could gone to soon if I didn’t listen to my guy best friend to leave the company after 11 months.

Sa tagal ng panahon ako ay nagtherapy at pagbabasa ng iba’t ibang articles, eto yung effective.

  1. Stress is bad. — it is always bad.
  2. Lack of sleep affects our mood. Get at least 8 hours of sleep and stick to your sleeping time.
  3. Eat well. No skipping meals and EAT HEALTHY. I hate junk foods. Don’t binge eating (Ang figure mo sige lang! We will tackle about this in the future posts).
  4. Exercise – Ay! I don’t have time to exercise. Maglinis ka ng bahay mo every sunday, exercise na yun no! NO EXCUSE.
  5. Spend time with your family  – Not necessary going out but kahit sa bahay lang pwede na.
  6. Spend time with your friends, boyfriend, girlfriend – again not necessary going out, kahit sa garahe lang kayo pwede na.
  7. Are you in a LDR (with someone or with your friends)? Spend time with them online through skype/hangouts, video conferencing/voice chat, watching your movies together or  do a live streaming!
  8. Have an alone time. To have time “me” time is not being selfish. Sometimes, it is good. You do what you like to do – gaming, arts, cross stitch, crocheting, listening to music, reading a book, or cleaning your own room.
  9. Learn to say no to other tasks that are not scope of your job description.

This is only about stress in our daily life. We will discuss about the toxic people in our life in the next entry.