***Just a note. This is not a review. This is only a small blog entry about my experience. Sorry I don’t have a good camera. I’m just using my Lenovo tablet. Thank you.***

Last year, there was a cafe which opened just outside of United San Pedro Subdivision and I was so delighted that there will be a nearest, and classy cafe to hangout with. Last year, I had taken a look what they offered and their prices and it sounded reasonable for a local owner cafe.

Yesterday, as I true to my word to give them a small blog and inside look of their small cafe.


I had been here for couple of times, and yesterday I was really in a bad mood so I have thought to give myself a treat. I saw one of their staff, Pablito who was trying to have a good calligraphy for their window display.


Not bad, Pabs

I sat down and asked if they have hot tea (I’m a tea drinker) and Topher who was in the counter said yes and I took my seat. Since there was no internet yesterday (PLDT-DC as Topher said which I fully understand), Topher (Christopher) asked me what I’m going to do and I said, I’m going to play my RPG game. I knew these guys loves games too as they mentioned to me previously. So we talked about games and Topher served my tea and suggested that I could put something on it like Raspberry syrup. Good suggestion, indeed but I preferred honey for my tea. There were other 2 customers with me and we had a small interaction about my tea. So I began to took pictures of the cafe. I know, you guys will love their display as much as I do.

Since I love dogs. The Chihuahua drinking in a straw and the dog with “I am waiting to be loved” are such a cutie


This display is simply adorable


These mugs are for sale. American size mugs for 200 pesos only!.


But sorry these coffee are not for sale. 🙁


It’s small but cozy.


Remember that guys. Prayer is simply talking to God. You don’t need to go to church to talk to him. Just a minute of moment of silence to talk to Him, He will do appreciate it.




I ordered a regular tea, Habanero Quesadillas (which I always order) and Double Chip Chocolate Frap (which my mouth couldn’t wait to taste it and forgot to take a picture first lol )



Thanks to their only staff, Christopher and Pablito, for their friendliness, talkativeness, and takes care of me while I’m in Te Amo. They brightened up my mood. Kuddos guys!


To Miss Ivy who owns Te Amo, thanks for building up this cafe near our area. I don’t need popular branded coffee shops to enjoy coffee, food and to hang out. Your coffee shop is enough for me to have a relax moment and a cup of cappuccino.

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