When I met my friends last December, we ate a lot .. as like this (see our table)

College friends gathering

And I gained a bit and even more during Christmas and New Year because I was the one who cooked all the bit since my Mom was in the hospital with my Dad. Tonight, I decided to get a few money from my savings and made my own salad.

My own version of Caesar Salad and Chicken Potato Salad. I put in a small container and put half Ceasar Salad and Half Chicken Potato Salad.

My Caesar Salad Ingredients

  1. Lettuce. You go to SM Supermarket and find the lettuce that is already in bundle.
  2. I am trying this Clara Ole Dips n’ Dressing Caesar. It tastes okay but a bit salty.
  3. Croutons
  4. Few amount of bacon bits
  5. A few amount of grated Eden Cheese. –  this is just to sweetened with the saltiness of the Caesar Dressing
  6. A pinch of ground pepper.

Serving for 2 person.

My Chicken Potato Salad Ingredients

  1. Small Potatoes – boiled them and cut them into smaller pieces
  2. Boiled Chicken breast, shredded — but what I did, I minced them.
  3.  2 sachets of Lady’s Choice Mayo Lite. Depends on how much you will make.  This mayo lite has salt content. No need to have salt.
  4. A stalk of celery – chopped into smaller pieces.
  5. A pinch of ground pepper.

Serving for 2 person.

Eating these 2 – half-half serving … I’m already full for tonight.


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