National Bookstore held an event called “Words and Letters” at Shangri-La Grand Atrium last January 27 and 28, 2017. 2 days of fun and learning from watercolour calligraphy, watercolour techniques, monochrome graphics, hand lettering and lots of others.

I went there for Abbey Sy. I twitted her if she would have a time for book signing and she said yes. I was so thrilled. I packed all of her books for autograph.

I was standing near demo/activity area when I turned around and saw Abbey. I got star struck!

How you see her in her videos, that her in real life. She’s pretty, funny and humble. She’s awesome! I can’t take the books out from my bag and with the help of her mom (Thank you, Mama Sy), we managed took them all out and Abbey signed them all!

Thank you so much, girl. You are really an inspiration that’s why I’m trying hand lettering and journaling. She had a short demo of her creative hand lettering. The video will be up soon!

Here are few of the highlights of the event.

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