One time, I was walking near the boundary bridge of San Pedro, Laguna and Muntilupa City, I saw a pet shop and it was a good timing because I am looking for cat liter box, cat toys and cat nips. Then I saw a small shop beside it and to my curiosity what they offer, I saw they offered Milk Tea. I love Pearl Milk Tea. So I came in, look around, and ordered my house pearl milk tea. The place is small yet, I love the ambiance and what caught my attention are the books and board games up in their shelf. I’m a child of those stuff. I love board games. I also checked their menu, they are very affordable for my budget. I talked to Tita Nil, the owner of the business who is also the owner of the pet shop that I went to who happens to be a cat lover too. I bid my farewell and I said that I’m going back to bring my friends here.

One Saturday when I and my friends had a stressful week, we decided to hang out in Mystie and tried the UNO Card, Jengga, Topple, Chairs and Snake and Ladder,…. over food of course!

We got the best day for a long time without our phone in sight — except for taking these photos.

and my face when I lost in Snake and Ladder. The dice hated me so much.

Mystie is the best place to hangout with your friends and it will put your phone away for hours just playing these table games. A place to chill out and watch in their cable TV. If your working home base, you can also do your work there while sipping their hot Twinnings Tea. They also offer souvenir printing service. Shirts, Mug, tumblers and others. Food prices are super affordable and delicious. They offer from Milk Teas, to Milkshakes, to Chicken Wings and Sandwiches.

Mystie is located at boundary of City of San Pedro, beside My Little Friend Pet Shop, across PUREGOLD San Pedro sign board.

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