I have been so busy lately with my in real life work and for my past time, I just do some hand lettering with the help of Abbey Sy’s The ABC of Hand Lettering.

I have started to learn how to watercolor. I mean, I know how to do watercolor but I have never imagine in my entire life that I will be doing this especially in hand lettering. All positive vibe wordings are my choices to do it.


My first draft of “Make A Difference”. I’m using Abbey Sy’s My Lettering Progress Keeper which you can buy it in bookstores. It is  collaboration with iFex (200GSM paper perfect for water color and inks) and Faber Castell Pencil.


I’m more of script style of lettering. That’s where I am comfortable with, and learning one of Abbey Sy’s sample on her book, mix all together


To watercolor it, I’m just using this Pentel Watercolor tubes 6ml and Faber Castell Watercolor Pencils.


12 Water soluble colouring pencils


I have some accidents while watercoloring this piece of artwork and next time, I’ll be more careful with my hands.

I’m also done something with Faber Castell Permanent Marker. Again, I wasn’t careful enough but I am learning from my mistakes.


Picture 60

I have other 1 in the making.


Like Abbey said


Soon I want to try this watercolor

RVS WC 12 x 12ml Tube HP 8493250

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