Before Internet, and those MMORPGs, cross stitching is one of our past times. We did even had a project during our high school days. Mum made this as a past time while she was waiting for us until after school. She stayed in a cafeteria with the other Mums. This was also their past times.

This morning, I was digging up some things in my room and I found my Mum’s old cross stitch materials. I also found one of the patterns that she didn’t finish years back.


This Seven Dwarves pattern wasn’t done, and the cloth is already old. I want to finish this but I need a new cloth, DMC and re-photocopy of the pattern.

I also saw this Mona Lisa that my mum didn’t finish too.


Then, to my surprised, this “There is Always Time for a Friend” was my High School project. I am proud of this one because it got into our exhibit during our school fair.


I just wish that I have time to this again.

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