If you are a child in the 80s and 90s and you like to experiment your handwriting while jotting down notes, then you know what I’m saying. I was one of those children who love to have different handwriting in the notebook. And during breaks, I love to doodle-ling my notebook — but not drawings but different styles of handwriting. Soon, we found out what it called. They call it Calligraphy. These are the cursive letter style of fonts. I know you love downloading them around Dafont.com.

I was looking for a new hobby and stumbled upon this website that has tutorial about Calligraphy.

When I was in Sophomore year of H.S., we have a subject called T.H.E., and we have “lettering” in 4th quarter of the school year, I think? I still can remember clearly how I struggled with lettering. It took me sleepless night to finish the last project for T.H.E 4th quarter. This was the time I learned how to use a speedball pen.

Think about those movies that are Medieval settings or early 19th century. Does it feel you want to dress up on those corsets too? 😉


Ok guys, speedball pen is a NO JOKE. It’s the oldest form of pen that has been used since early days that pencil and ballpens were not even invented yet. The tip is made of metal, the handle is made of wood and it uses INK.

I was out today to buy a speedball pen.  It’s out of stock in National Bookstore, Festival Mall, so I will just improvised. I bought a H (lead) pencil (sorry, not a Staedtler, just a cheaper one), a sign pen and then tracing paper. My pencil is for tracing the letters and the sign pen is for darkened your letters and style it more. Why is that PILOT sign pen too expensive?!?!?! That’s my favourite pen brand but sad to say, it’s too much for this hobby so I have to look for a cheaper one. Until such time, there’s a stock of speedball pen.


This is my first calligraphy. I know it looks bad but practice makes perfect. It has been years since I do handwriting. I don’t do handwriting now. I’m more KEYBOARD user now! HAHA!

But anyway, I hope that I could still remember those handwriting that I did when I was in Elementary and High School and transform them into this. 🙂

If you want to learn calligraphy, just ask Mr Google or Mr You Tube!!!! Happy Lettering, everyone!

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