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No Pain, No Gain. Train Like A Beast. No exercise is shortcut. I was then 141 lbs. in my 4’10” height, and considered myself as Obese. and my friend started me to encourage to do workout. I started 2014 and after 1 and 1/2 years, I achieved the 115 lbs. mark.

The photo on the left side is during my cousin’s wedding last November, 2015. However, as someone with Bipolar Disorder II, my battle with Depression and stress, I fought for my comfort eating. I basically love food and I love to cook. But it would rather good than having a Depression and not eating at all. I have Diabetes type 2 too. Stress is a risk for a diabetic person. My doctor had encouraged me to do exercise. I already had my discipline with my craving not until…

After my father died, and followed by the operation of my mum last year, stress was my biggest enemy. It has been a trigger of my mood disorder. I lost my discipline with food. But the zumba group that I attended before left the building and couldn’t find them. January this year, I decided to go back to 0 with fitness and start all over again. I joined JD Republic Fitness Gym.

DON’T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER. Many from my friends have an impression that this gym is not safe because the way up to the gym is pretty dark. They prefer to go to Gold Gym and Slimmer’s First. I’m not the type of girl who goes fancy. Wherever I feel comfortable with friendly environment and most especially AFFORDABLE is APPROVED and MUCH OKAY for me.

I thought people of San Pedro, Laguna don’t concern being fit. My thought was wrong. There are a lot of people who want to be healthy and stay fit.

This is what JD Republic Fitness Gym offers. I went to a gym before with 300 pesos membership/monthly and 150 session of gym (without a trainer). Here in JD, for 100 pesos per session with a trainer is not bad at all. Even the Zumba session for 50 pesos with very good Zumba instructors, what else you are looking for. Friendly environment, and very friendly staff — This is the place I’m looking for.

I was deciding between gym or Zumba but I chose to Zumba because I love to dance since I was a child.

I meet new people and new friends (although I’m not that good in remembering names) with my zumba session. Every our zumba session is sweaty but fun. All of us are “game”. See the video below as a proof.

If you are in a budget and want to get fit and meet new faces, this is the place I will recommend for you. Like one of the people who reviewed in their FB page : Mura na sa Mura. I totally agree.

JD Republic Fitness Gym is located at 2nd floor, RDR Building, United San Pedro Subdivision, San Pedro, Laguna. They are also offering Boxing and Muay Thai.

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