Last September 8, it was my Zumba instructor, Pjay Ogay’s zumba event that was held in Pacita Astrodome, Pacita, City of San Pedro, Laguna. At 5pm, the venue was already pack of people. I was ¬†happy to see my fellow JD Republic Fitness Gym zumba mates. But before I went to the event, I had a client meeting in Makati and eating a lots of carbs during our meeting, will make me stay longer and burn all those more than 500 calories that I ate that morning. I didn’t eat anything beforehand.

The event was not only focus with Pjay but there were number of Zumba Instructors were invited and gave us their sample Zumba dances. Pjay’s dance group, The Genesis Family as the front act of the night, and surprised dance number from The Amazon Group – a group of teenage who joined the contest in TV and became finalist.

This zumba event was for Pjay’s chosen charity. I’m so glad to be a part of this event and helped him raise money for his chosen charity.

It was nice to get know these Zumba Instructors with their different taste in music and dance routines. I had a non-stop and lasted for 3.5 hours. I guess that was enough to burned those carbs that I had eaten from the lunch. I had fun especially I was with so many Zumba fanatics.

I heard from a source that this is the most number of attendees in the said venue, so congrats to Pjay!

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