It’s hard to be a hard working person and I left my blog hanging for so long. I’m sorry for the lack of updates. Life has been a roller coaster and I know everyone has that moment. I’m also a very busy person with tons of work. My work and my real life keep me busy since my last entry. Addition to that, my mood disorder has been triggered with people in real life.

I finally went for 2 vacation trips which you’ll going to read my story about that in my next blog entires — if time permits. I decided to put my creative blog here instead in a separate website that’s why I have my Arts and Crafts section. I also have my live streaming too and it’s on Twitch.TV but I have no schedule for live streaming because my Internet is basically not good for it, but I will try and my videos will be here too. I still keep on tweaking that page for look and feel and soon, SHOP!!! I will collaborate with a friend.

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