Wanton is one of the Chinese foods that we always make here at home. It’s very easy but for those who doesn’t know here’s a simple recipe for you.

Ingredients for making wantons:

1.) Wanton wrappers
2.) Ground Pork
3.) Salt and Pepper to taste
4.) Sesame oil for the fragrance.
5.) Chop shrimp — optional
6.) A side bowl with small amount of water
7.) 2 tablespoon of flour

For making the soup

The secret to make your soup more tastier? Ask for your suki pork vendor if they have some bones to give away. Bones that they took out from the Kasim part or the spine from the pork rib. Just boiled it and have salt for the taste.

Have a Baguio Pechay cooked in the soup and pull them out when they are already cook and then set aside.

Making the wanton itself:

1.) In a bowl, put your ground pork, salt and pepper, shrimp and sesame oil and mix it together
2.) Put the flour in the side bowl with water. This is to close your wanton
3.) Put a small amount of the ground pork mixture  in the wanton wrapper
4.) Wet your index finger with the water/flour and wet around the wanton rapper and closed it. Up to you how you will going to close it.

Secret to make your wanton wrapper not to open while cooking

We do 2 ways: 1.) You put them in a strainer (with handle) that also used for Mami, and dip it to the soup while it’s boiling. Once the wantons float, pull the strainer up and put your wanton in a bowl.

2.) Steam your wantons until they cook.

There you are and ready. You can put noodles on it too! 😀

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