Hello Guys, welcome to Soaring Spirit version 2.0 featuring the anime, Toradora. I was addicted to this anime. Only a week, I finished watching the whole episodes. I hope you like this layout.



Version 2.0 is up!

Finally! A brand new layout has been launched! Welcome to Toradora themed layout! I'm using Divi theme using their newest feature - Theme Builder. It was fast and handy once you get into it. However, this layout is NOT YET best view in mobile.

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My artworks are up

I'm so inspired with my current website. You can tell it that I'm happy because all of my collages are up in the artworks section. Feel free to view my artworks that I made throughout the years.

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Hello world!

Welcome to my newly revamp website. It has been a long time since the last time I made a design like this. A web design where I started my humble beginning in web creation. I started doing one during my college years (yr. 1999) when I learned HTML, and now stepping it...

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