I have learned about Hobonichi from Abbey Sy. She bought one when she went to Japan last month and I’m so intrigue about this Hobonichi. Hobonichi is a japanese planner, diary, or journal (depends where will you use it). So I found the link in the net and glad that I have a friend in Japan who can help me to buy this planner. After 2 days since my friend bought it, it arrived at his home and sent it to a relative who happened having a vacation in Japan came home and sent me through LBC.

Hobonichi is kinda expensive — this thing without the cover is already 900 to 1,2000 pesos (depends on Yen to Peso conversion) and additon, the covers reach up to 1,000+ depends on the design. I just want the planner since I could dress it up. When you buy it online, they have freebie included. I have a free pen and something a rubber cover for some gadget that I don’t know (I can’t read Japanese).

Why is it special?

  1. Spacious. You can draw on it. Put stickers, scrapbooking materials, washi tapes!
  2. Easy to open and easy to write. The book is stitch-bound, allowing it to plop flat open, and the thin Tomoe River paper keeps the book compact while being sturdy enough to handle most inks without bleed-through. You can use brush pens and pen markers. However, test your pens first.
  3. There’s a humorous quote below the page but since I bought the Japanese version, I can’t read that.
  4. You can do anything you want on it. For business, comic strip, for your classes, recording… etc etc etc.

So it arrived this morning and I’m excited, and time to dress up my Hobonichi. So I brought out all of my scrap booking materials.

Picture 50

So I cover first my Hobonichi with this scrap booking paper to protect the original Hobonichi cover

Picture 52

And I just designed it with the things I like for it.

Picture 54

I never have this feeling of enjoyment on writing in my journal except that I really like and I have this feeling on this Hobonichi. I enjoyed doodling on it, putting stickers, and writing on it.

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