Just an illustrate what’s the difference of Hand lettering and Calligraphy and Handwriting. Obviously, handwriting is how you write your letters NORMALLY by your own hand like my featured image above.  Those are my handwriting that I use daily. So my handwriting is normally script/cursive style but I can do print handwriting as well.

Calligraphy (beautiful handwriting) on the other hand, uses ink (sumi ink, india ink, or any calligraphy ink or now water color), Speedball nibs or other brand of nibs. In the picture, my nibs are Hunt 56 and Nikko G. You can buy them either at Pens Galore Philippines or at The Craft Central
Picture 43

I have been practicing calligraphy since I had the workshop with Ink Scribbler. Here are some of my progress.



Hand lettering is the art of lettering. You can decorate your letters according to your style. You can use your color pens, permanent markers and just like the banner that I did for this website.

I started with drafting it first with the help of Abbey Sy’s The ABCs of Hand Lettering. I am work in progress. I’m not an expert. I’m still a beginner and learning.


After that, I colored it with my various pens and brush pens.

Picture 42

and then I digitalized it by scanning it and using Photoshop! Clean it up, omit some things that I don’t like.


One of my latest project was doing alphabets for my sister-in-law’s classroom using the classic Arial font, but I drafted it first before I cut them.


I know my weaknesses when it comes to drafting, and lettering:

1.) I can’t draw a straight line even with a ruler (promise!)

2.) I cant make a good circle. I still need a compass or a bottle cap to create it.

3.) My hands shake a lot while drawing a line.

4.) If a paper doesn’t have lines, I can’t write in a straight line.

But I think these can be corrected with constant practice.

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