Hi!!! Sorry for a long time hiatus. So much things went wrong last month. I got chicken pox and then some friendship issue and I was really down. My birthday (last April 29) was just an ordinary day. I didn’t take a birthday day off and busy working. I didn’t prepare food for my birthday. Although the friendship issue is little by little healing up and I’m back with my connection with the Lord.

Anyway, today is the day I’ve been waiting for. Actually this is my very first workshop EVER attended. I was so happy to found out that there will be a Calligraphy workshop that will be happening here in the Southern Manila (THANK GOD!). Glad to stumble upon, Alexis Ventura’s blog, InkScribbler.com

I slept early last night and woke up early — I’m not really excited, am I? *kappa*. I left San Pedro, Laguna at 9:45am and reached my destination like 10:08am(?). I don’t want to be late, to be honest. To any event or meeting, I make sure that I’ll be there 1 hour before the meeting time and plus, I really don’t know West Gate, Alabang that well, so I better make it early.

I arrived there and ink scribbler girls were already there: Alexis, Pat and Christie(??? Pardon me because I have poor memories when it comes to names)


The place is really cool. I love the ambiance. The modern type and how these pictures hanging near the stairs (instead of picture frames)


I want that hanging bulb. I think it’s a cool idea.


The downstairs is cozy and modernize… I need to do basic Photography, I think…. :/


I brought my first Calligraphy pad that I bought that was designed by Alexis for IFEX Philippines Calligraphy Pad and I let her autograph it for me and thank you so much. You are truly an inspiration.


The desk setup was so neat. Love those red cups though. I just can’t wait when I sat down and use this!


I also stopped by their Pop Up shop right beside the stairs and began to drool on them. But my plan was only to buy the walnut ink because others I found in the net are not cheap, and they are not available in National Bookstore (well as far as National Bookstore, SM Muntilupa. They don’t even have Alexis’ calligraphy pads)


I really want to BUY THEM ALL, but sorry, it’s not yet my pay day -cries- I would love to buy MORE INKS and that water colour and the brushes because I’m also doing brush pen exercises which I am planning to take a workshop for that because, brush pens are fun but it’s so hard to control it. -cries- Great job on those brush pen/water colour art that were hanging there. I LOVE IT! Like I told Pat, I will just go to their main office to buy some of the materials and ship it to my friend in Australia.

I didn’t tell them at first the real reason why I’m doing this Calligraphy (I’m not only doing Calligraphy. I’m also doing cross stitch, scrapbooking, digital arts …. please visit my Creative Archive Site @ www.thedaydreamarts.xyz!!!!) , but I didn’t lie about how hard I write my lettering. The pressure it is! It is TRUE! When we introduced ourselves, that’s the time I told them why.

The workshop kinda delayed for a few minutes because some people are late but geez… it’s Saturday and in Las Pinas/Alabang area during Saturdays doesn’t escape from the traffic too.

Now for other photos!


I didn’t take the first snack! >.> But this is so delicious! I’m going back to Tu’s Restaurant! Food trip blog next time  😉


My worksheet


Water colour brush demo — totally envy with Pat. She’s really good!



After workshop — people go crazy with the merchandizes — I mean gather around and buying merchandizes in their pop-up store 😉


and MAKE NEW FRIENDS! — with Karen, Kristine (stine) and Mama Lilia… I forgot Karen to take with us on this photo.


With Alexis and Pat

IMG_20160528_133929And with Alexis herself (sorry for the blurred picture.. blame my hand for that)


For my overall critic: I understand that the ink is expensive. So for a beginner workshop, the watery india ink is okay, but I hope not too watery. The ink didn’t stick that longer in the nib. The worksheet is okay ONLY FOR PRACTICE but bond (printer) paper shouldn’t be use for Calligraphy. I was looking forward for the oblique pen holder but I know that it’s so hard to get it and run out of stock right away. But choosing a straight pen holder for beginner is a good choice because beginners can easily adjust with oblique pen rather the other way around. The nib is right. It’s flexible. Nikko G is rigid. So I would say, Hunt 56 is good for beginners. I prefer still Nikko G for me. Tu’s Restaurant is good. Good food, and nice ambiance. I did have a great time with you guys. Thanks for answering all of my questions about strokes and other technical stuff that I couldn’t do it before. ‘Till the brush pen workshop in the south 😉 (Request)

The main reason why I enrolled in this workshop because I’m trying to find myself and look for new interests since I was totally lost. I don’t know myself anymore. Thanks to HS batchmate, Paula Bianca where the first time I got inspired. Her calligraphy works are awesome. To Kai Pereja-Ramos for pushing me and to my friend, James for supporting me.

To the people who have mental condition like me, please consider calligraphy, and other craft arts as your distraction. Nothing beats craft arts. We are all artist so put your depression or moods into it. Show your creative side by putting your emotions into your art.


2.5 hours is not enough…TRUE. You need longer time and I mean it… LONGER and practice makes perfect. Don’t give up. Keep on Scribbling!

You know what I’m thinking? It’s time to make these Calligraphy into FONTS!

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