Last Sunday, my mum was cleaning their room and I felt like I was a charity that day because my mum gave me her old pants that didn’t fit her anymore and her old bags. This is my peeve… BAGS!!! I LOVE BAGS!


And a moment later, she came to me and said, “I found our cross stitch. ”


This ballerina was her very first cross stitch. She completed this. She has the red ballerina pattern and gave it to me.


This Angel of Grace was left hanging. She has the pattern and let me to continue and finish it. and then,… awwwww she found my cross stitch kit.



This clock pattern was my project along with the “Friendship Bear”. According to the envelop where I placed my project, I got 93% grade 😀


Cross stitch is only not for big patterns but small patterns too and I made a bookmark out of it 😀 This titled “Lord, Keep Me On My Feet”. It was a praying child ballerina.


I think this child praying is my younger sister’s work.


This one, LOL!, is a very small project but not stitched in an Aida’s cloth but in in a basket weave 😀 I still have all of my threads for this pattern so I could finish this soon.

Somtimes, I got annoyed when I get mistakes. Common mistakes like wrong count, wrong position, going to a wrong hole, but I have learned lessons from that mistake. Follow the grid guide, do it accordingly to your plan,and most of all, don’t stitch if you are too sleepy! Cross stitch pattern takes months to finished. It takes a lot of patients, determination, and also teaches you how to be careful and have extra care and have pride on what you are doing. Cross stitch patterns are masterpiece when they’re done.

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