My first Calligraphy workshop

Hi!!! Sorry for a long time hiatus. So much things went wrong last month. I got chicken pox and then some friendship issue and I was really down. My birthday (last April 29) was just an ordinary day. I didn't take a birthday day off and busy working. I didn't prepare...

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An Old Poem

I was cleaning the other day and I saw this poem inside my diary. I can't remember writing a really long poem Lying in my bed so lonely and blue With the room peaceful and tranquil too. With songs playing at the radio I'm still thinking of you wherever I go. You are...

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Homemade Wanton

Wanton is one of the Chinese foods that we always make here at home. It's very easy but for those who doesn't know here's a simple recipe for you. Ingredients for making wantons: 1.) Wanton wrappers 2.) Ground Pork 3.) Salt and Pepper to taste 4.) Sesame oil for the...

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Balkan: Yugoslavian Home Cooking

Last year, I and my Pinoy X-Philes friends went to eat somewhere different. I have a German friend and he recommended me to eat to this Yugoslavian restaurant, Balkan. I love this small restaurant and mostly their customers are foreigners. It's quiet when we went...

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How to work better

I will be very busy this February because I'm helping my friend setting up his website, and as a person with mental disorder, sometimes it causes me to become unprofessional. As I working with my friend, he got this from one of the font folders that I have collected...

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My Pets

Last pay day, I bought my pet cats with this bed that I bought for a cheap price in Ace Hardware. I do think they love it although most of the time, they still prefer to go outside. They are outside cats. Here's my cat, Gray And here's, Astro And I have a pet dog......

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Make Up!!!

So I took another photo of me with my bangs and put a day make-up. Here are some of my make-up products and I love them! Sakiraya BB Stick - Nudy - Organic. Nichido Two Way Cake Powder - Natural (photo from Yeah, it's only 150 pesos in...

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