Hello guys, I’m very sorry for a very long hiatus without updating on this site. What happened to me? Last year’s November, I went with my mum and cousin in Taiwan to visit my mom’s elder sister who had been in Taiwan for 2 decades. I stayed there for a week and I miss Taiwan already. It was my first out-of-the-country vacation and I was so excited.

After coming home from 1 week vacation, I need to make up with my work tasks, and I can’t take the risk to stress myself so I finished all of the tasks slowly but surely and I did. Then Christmas and New Year and I made new website as well.

This year, I catch up with my cross stitch and journal which you will be able to read soon in my new digital art, and crafting art site called “Artsy Craftsy“.

Plus, I’m going to update “My Life Motion” which is my video archive website. I also have a Periscope live streaming but I don’t have a schedule yet since it’s a trial. I tried to go live there during my zumba and cross stitch lesson. I’m still learning the ins and outs of Periscope but I will get there.

I’ll be writing about the event I went to last Sunday.