I was cleaning the other day and I saw this poem inside my diary. I can’t remember writing a really long poem

Lying in my bed so lonely and blue
With the room peaceful and tranquil too.
With songs playing at the radio
I’m still thinking of you wherever I go.

You are my friend — my very, very best
But my feelings, you’ve never guessed
If loving you secretly would never be wrong
I think I’ll keep this secret for long.

With the song “What Do We Mean to Each Other”
My feelings are asking : Am I a friend? Am I a lover?
With the real score I’m unable to tell
I can’t figure if you just mean well.

Once you called to ask for an advice
I came to your aid and saw your eyes
They were full of tears, so I held your hand
Trying my best to listen and understand

My heart stepped back; I froze for a while
And vanished was my cheerful, cute smile
It seems so hard for me to comprehend
When you told me, you still loved your ex-girlfriend.

My world collapsed, and my life as well
Why are my feelings so hard to tell?
Finally I found my peace of mind
When the way to tell this to you I did find.

In the chatroom, I spoke with you for long
Typing things like I’m composing a song
After that I was eased somehow
When all you replied was a single “Wow!”

Now we are stronger than before
With this I think I won’t ask for more
Though you don’t have feelings for me
As a best friend, I’ll tell you this softly.

Friend, I love my life together with you
As a guide, a friend and an angel too.
I’ll wait for you till the time is through
For truly and deeply, I love you.

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