I know this is another blog of mine but far away from my technical blog – Lovely-Designs.com, so this is just about me and my interest. For so long, I’ve been drowned in darkness (a.k.a. Depression) and my green monsters (my flaws like jealousy and insecurities), I got to the point that I lost my own identity. I have lied that I’m happy but deep inside, I’m totally lost and trying to fit in. Now, I’m trying to find my road back to where I was.

Like it is mentioned in “The Teachings of Dharma Master Cheng Yen”

If we cannot influence other people, just do what we, ourselves, should do

It is all basically start within ourselves. People will notice us eventually if we are just true to ourselves. Although, I know that it is hard to get out of our old habit but I’m not giving up on hope that I can go back to my old self.

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