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Hello everyone! Welcome to my humble website. I write my stories about anything surrounds me. My food trip, crafting arts, digital arts and travels. Join me with my stories and I hope you enjoy your stay.


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Mystie Print-Tea

One time, I was walking near the boundary bridge of San Pedro, Laguna and Muntilupa City, I saw a pet shop and it was a good timing because I am looking for cat liter box, cat toys and cat nips. Then I saw a small shop beside it and to my curiosity what they offer, I...

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Ni Hao, Taiwan!

When Taiwan announced last year about their visa free for the selected country (including the Philippines), my ah yi (auntie) was so excited and most especially his son who grew up without her for decades. We are able to go to Taiwan and finally going to visit it her....

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I’m back again!

It's hard to be a hard working person and I left my blog hanging for so long. I'm sorry for the lack of updates. Life has been a roller coaster and I know everyone has that moment. I'm also a very busy person with tons of work. My work and my real life keep me busy...

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